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Art that
tells stories


Art that
tells stories

“To me Makeup isn’t just about degrees and shades. The makeup we use represents our unique identity. Rich history and magnificent culture. I come from a region that’s so affluent in those aspects that I wanted my line to reflect that. I wanted each creation to tell its own story of a beautiful memory we all carry with us and which we can now take everywhere we go”


The man behind the name - Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics

A true beauty visionary and a fearless professional, my work is loved and respected by celebrities, blushing brides, catwalk fashionistas, royalty and many more, from the Middle East to far beyond.

I’m a dreamer who thinks big, dares to take chances, and jumps at every opportunity to showcase my passion for uniqueness. I work with my mind, body, and soul, pouring it all into seamless art. Guided by intuition and driven by beauty transformation, I’m an exclusive artist forever in love with the power of glamour, legacy, and luxury.

The man behind the name - Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics

The Beginning

Being an Artist means capturing beauty

Ever since I was a young boy, I loved art, painting, and design. I was amazed at how they open the doors to fantasy and imagination. Beauty was everywhere and I was instantly attracted to it.

Young Bassam was excited to grab his pencils and redo the make-up seen on models and celebrities in magazines. I embraced my calling early on and went on to study at the prestigious Paris Carita Beauty Institute. This marked a turning point in my life as I realized my dream and developed a unique approach to the beauty industry.

I opened my first Bassam Fattouh institute in 1997 in Beirut, Lebanon.


Being an Artist means capturing Beauty

From day one I was a pioneer. I was the first makeup artist to launch a full-blown advertising campaign in the Middle Eastern region. It was the talk of the town, and this initiative attracted people’s interest.

With the spotlight on me, and with pure talent and a daring attitude, my reputation was established. I was the first to say yes to daring colors, going firmly against the nude shades that dominated the trends. And I created iconic looks that stood out. I risked being different and this ignited my worldwide success.

The Recognition

I want to share my Know-How with the World 

Respected by prestigious beauty brands from all over the world, I had taken part in numerous collaborations. I was the first spokesperson for Clarins in the Middle East. Later, Dior approached me to work on an editorial for their special edition eye shadow collection and I worked with Elissa on creating an iconic smokey-eye look with a seductive oriental twist.

Saks Fifth Avenue in Riyadh recognized my talent and opened the Bassam Fattouh Institute as their official beauty center.

In addition to successful collaboration, my flair and incredible work have also been acknowledged by celebrities, royalty, models, and all women who cherish the power of exceptional makeup.

The Brand Creation

“I created my Make-up brand with the desire to establish an Authentic “Must Have” Line for Women


During decades of being a makeup artist, I used many different brands and experimented with countless textures, formulas, and shades. I used this experience as the foundation for my own brand. Building on my knowledge of what works best, I meticulously developed my ever-growing range of products that every woman needs. In 2010 I debuted my own makeup range and to this day continue to launch collections that challenge and rewrite the beauty rules.


Best Work of Art

work of art 1 - Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics (1)
Best work of art 1 - Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics
work of art 2 - Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics
Work of art 4 - Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics
work of art 3 - bassam Fattouh Cosmetics


“Every woman who sits in my chair
is the most beautiful woman in the
world, that’s what I make her feel.”

Makeup is a thrilling journey. An
with straight paths and bumpy parts.
It has a happy ending and by the
time it’s over the beauty is unleashed.
It’s captivating for both sides.


“With makeup, there isn’t a single
style that suits everyone, or a single
look that works on every woman.
Makeup evolves and transforms
together with you.”

Bassam passionately connects
with every woman in his makeup
chair, understanding their dreams
and enhancing their natural beauty
through unique looks.


“The artist could be a realist.”

Being an artist has nothing to do with
how you look, dress or behave. It’s the
connection with the real world and
everything that’s happening in it.
That is where Bassam draws inspiration.
Every woman and her life is a muse
to him.


“Beauty is more about harmony,
There is no stereotype.”

Beauty is organic and dynamic.
It doesn’t know any limitations.
It changes and evolves.
And seeing its many features come
together through Bassam’s work
is a memorable pleasure.

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Want to know which lipstick will be your new obsession or the foundation that'll make you glow? Find out in our quizzes below!
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