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5 Makeup Trends of the Season in 2023: What’s In and What’s Out
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August 23, 2023

As we twirl through the captivating summer of 2023, makeup trends have been setting the world ablaze. But the good news is, it’s not too late to set your own beauty trends and add a dash of pizzazz to the season. 

So let’s dive in and add these splashes of style to your beauty routine. Ready to make the world your runway?

1. The Peach Dewy, No-Makeup Makeup: The Natural Look Trend

As this season embraces a softer, more natural appeal complementing the no-makeup makeup, a luminous, peach-infused dewy makeup trend is taking center stage. It’s an effortless, sun-kissed charm, and a delicate glow that suits all skin types and ages. 

Begin with a transformative lip-and-cheek stick, a product that perfectly echoes this trend. Its versatile formulation allows you to sweep this peachy warmth onto your lips and cheeks, creating a harmonious, soft-focus color. The secret lies in its application: a sheer layer that you then blend to perfection, creating that ethereal, romantic blur of color.

To elevate your glow and further accentuate this peachy, dewy look, Bassam Fattouh’s “Strobbing Highlighter Stick Set” is the ultimate addition.

2. Subtle Sculpt: The Effortless Contouring Trend

This fresh take on no-makeup makeup has also reached the skin-sculpting trend, to achieve thoughtful highlight and contour techniques. 

The idea isn’t about completely bare faces; instead, it’s about strategically shaping and accentuating features while maintaining an overall natural look; no harsh lines or overdone makeup.

With the “Blur Kit”, the sculpted skin trend is no longer an intimidating makeup routine, but an achievable daily look.

3. Metalic Eyes: The Mermaid-Core Inspired Trend

Drawing inspiration from mermaid-core fashion, which is making waves this summer, eye makeup is following suit. Blues, greens, purples – these jewel-toned shades are extremely wearable and flatter every skin tone. This season, they’re making a show, especially in their shimmery and metallic shades. 

Channel your inner mermaid with iridescent aquatic colors from our “Media Palette.” The mix of metallic hues creates an eye-catching, shimmery look that’s straight out of a fairy tale.

4. Colorful Glossy Lips: The Statement Look Trend

With a bold deviation from the matte finishes of yesteryears, the trend now is all about electric hues that pack a punch – think bright pinks and audacious oranges, made even more striking with a glossy finish. As Jaikaran notes, these bold, bright shades are turning heads this season, making a statement that’s hard to ignore.

Bright, bold, and glossy lips are stealing the limelight this season.

This season, make your lips the highlight of your look. Step up your lip game with Bassam Fattouh’s “Lipgloss”  collection, which offers the perfect hues to keep your lips moisturized and irresistibly glossy.

5. The Barbie Look: A Playful, Feminine Trend

As we conclude our rundown of the season’s top trends, it’s time to embrace the spirit of playfulness and femininity that has swept the beauty world off its feet. 

Drawing inspiration from none other than the iconic Barbie herself, the Barbie-inspired trend is all about the power of pink. It’s no coincidence that this trend peaked with the release of the Barbie movie.

This look captures the essence of Barbiecore fashion in its full spectrum, focusing not just on the cheeks but extending to the eyes and lips as well.

To nail this look, Bassam Fattouh’s Blush available in three gorgeous pink shades, is your go-to choice. This versatile product not only adds a perfect flush of color to your cheeks but can also double as an eyeshadow to give your lids a sweep of matching color. 


And there we have it, the top trends taking the beauty world by storm in 2023. From embracing the natural glow of Peachy Skin to channeling your inner Barbie, there’s a look for everyone. 

With Bassam Fattouh’s diverse product range, make these trends your own.

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