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The 5 Makeup Essentials for Your Everyday Look
November 21, 2022

For as long as we can remember, makeup has been there to enhance and radiate the features; never to “change them.” The best thing about makeup is that you don’t necessarily need a collection of 50+ products to achieve your desired look.   

To give dimension, illuminate certain features, balance out others and invisibly disguise a few aspects, you simply need 5 makeup essentials.

We’ve broken down these 5 makeup essentials you need for an effortless, gorgeous no-makeup makeup look!


First, You Need Foundation


How to choose the right foundation for you?


You need to know the foundation that suits your skin type, tone, and routine. As much as a well-applied foundation can elevate your look, choosing a foundation that’s not precisely for you can make your entire face look dull, smudged, or even orange!

So, before you choose which foundation you’d like to call your all-time favorite, consider consulting a professional who can help you choose one with good coverage, non-toxic ingredients, and, of course, one that’ll match your skin tone.

For the makeup enthusiasts who prefer to buy their makeup online, your choice can be much easier now with the virtual consultation option provided by the Bassam Fattouh makeup experts. If you’re ever to buy your foundation online and not regret your decision, get your makeup consultation right here with Bassam Fattouh’s experts. They’ll tell you which tone of the immaculate pret-a-porter foundation best suits you.


Time to Use the Concealer!

It’s very important to love your face with all of its features; its dark circles and its new lines that come with time, but still, hiding them for a more taut finish can elevate your overall look. The concealer finishes up the work your foundation didn’t achieve.

When your concealer is made with natural ingredients, it can smoothly hide any dark circles and skin imperfections and keep your skin hydrated.


Which concealer best suits your tone?


With concealer, it’s always better to go for one that’s a little lighter than your skin tone to add light and give better dimension to your features. However, if you use a concealer with coverage that’s too light, your dark circles might give a bluish hue! So always choose a very blendable concealer with a slightly yellowish tone. Check out Bassam Fattouh’s Concealer Fits All for an aqua-based concealer to complement your full look and bring out the radiance in your eyes!


Apply Blush to Keep the Look Lively

Now that you’re almost done with your base, you need the final touch that’ll give vitality to your face. If you’re looking to achieve a youthful look, go for a more pink blush. And if the look you’re after is more sophisticated, don’t be afraid to go for a darker blush.

Your blush keeps your makeup looking fresh and voluminous, especially if you’re using one with vegan ingredients and antioxidants. That way, you’ll give your face a perky look while benefitting your skin.


Which blush pigmentation should you choose?


Usually, for a more daily natural look, people lean towards using a pink or peach blush tone. Of course, whether this blush is a powder or a creamy one, you should be subtle with its application. Our all-time favorite blush is this glowy Bassam Fattouh powder brush. With a thin layer, you’ll give your face a healthy, sunny everyday look. You can also try to use the multi-performance Lip to Blush liquid blush (than can be used as lipstick as well! We’ll get to that in a minute).  


Never Skip Mascara!

Many people don’t use mascara in their everyday looks because they don’t want to go “overboard.” And we agree that you don’t need to go for too much makeup every day, but trust us on this, mascara will only bring out the “wow” factor in your makeup.

Mascara is what gives your eyes a sparkling depth and creates the effects of a more awakened look.


How to choose your no-makeup makeup mascara?


Of course, go for organic-based ingredients in your mascara. The true secret is your mascara brush and how you apply it. Apply the mascara from the roots to the tips of the lashes and with zig-zag movements to separate them using our go-to Bassam Fattouh volumizing mascara. It’ll absolutely give your eyes an enticing appearance.  


Plump Your Lips to Seal the Routine!

Add some color to your lips to keep your smile looking brilliant and fresh. For your simple everyday look, pink-ish nude lipstick should never leave your makeup bag. You can always choose the option you like, from lipliners to matte lipstick or a shimmery gloss. Just don’t leave your lips with no shade.


Which lip color (and texture) should you choose?


A pinkish shade is your lips’ favorite option for your no-makeup makeup look. As for choosing the color that’ll match your skin tone, go for a color very close to your natural lip color.

Whether you want to use the Lip to Blush for a simple tint for your lips or any of the Bassam Fattouh lipstick selections to perfect your pout, you can always do the lipstick quiz to see which lipstick will make it to your bag of everyday makeup essentials.  


Your Look Is Done!

Makeup doesn’t need to be all serious and sophisticated; it can simply be fun and part of your everyday routine. You just need to know the 5 makeup essentials you need for your everyday beauty. 

Don’t be afraid to pick up your favorite brush and lipstick and enjoy the feeling of being your own makeup artist. 

Why wait when you can start buying all your Bassam Fattouh makeup essentials right now? Don’t forget that you can always refer to our beauty experts for a free consultation.

We’re here for you, gorgeous!

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